Please read this to the end before drinking 😉

There are Beers labeled gluten-free, but what not so many people know: many non labeled Beers have little Gluten too. Others contain excessive amounts of it. Trial and error is not advisable for everybody. There are a few blog posts around the internet providing Data from different Sources on the subject. I tried to collect the data from a few sources into one comprehensive table. Please be aware, that much of it comes from home-test-kits used applied by people unknown to me and understand, that I can not guarantee for the soundness of the results at all. Also keep in mind, that production details of beer brands may change, resulting in changing amounts of gluten in the beer! So use it at your own risk!

I tried to keep the data as transparent as possible, thus introducing a new column for each new testing method/data source. I added a unifying 1 to 5 rating in order to allow sorting where 1 is a should-be-safe, and everything from 3 onward is not advisable for the gluten-sensitive crowd. This does not mean that a beer rated 1 is safe to drink for everybody! Where in doubt, you should visit the source of the data and make yourself a clearer picture on the reliability of the data!

Tip: Use the search function of the table to check, if your (former) favourite beer, or the choices on the menu you hold in your hands right now, have been tested.

Test Method or Authority
countrybrandtypealkmy categoryswedish national food agencyGluten in Food Kit (Test Spot Intensity, often in contradiction to other values but maybe i do not interpret the results correctly for my overall category) Gluten Tox Home Kit - Threshold in ppm (Test Result)E-Z GlutenReveal 3-D for Gliadinsourcedate checked
Asahi Super Dry4Over 20 ppm
Beck's4Over 20 ppm
Bud Light4Over 20 ppm
Fat Tire4Over 20 ppm
Foster's Lager4Over 20 ppm
Guinness4Over 20 ppm
Heineken4Over 20 ppm
Heineken Light4Over 20 ppm
La Fin du Monde4Over 20 ppm
Leffe4Over 20 ppm
Miller Lite4Over 20 ppm
Newcastle Brown Ale4Over 20 ppm
Peroni Nastro Azzuro4Over 20 ppm
Pilsner Urquell4Over 20 ppm
Red Stripe4Over 20 ppm
Sapporo4Over 20 ppm
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale4Over 20 ppm
Stella Artois4Over 20 ppm
Stone IPA4Over 20 ppm
Tecate4Over 20 ppm
Coors Light1Under 10 ppm
Corona Extra1Under 10 ppm
Carlsberg1Under 20 ppm
Duvel1Under 20 ppm
Modelo Especial1Under 20 ppm
Negro Modelo1Under 20 ppm
Omission Pale Ale1Under 20 ppm
Pabst Blue Ribbon1Under 20 ppm
Tsingtao1Under 20 ppm
10 BarrelPub Beer Lager5.0%1Negative
SwedenAB Åbro Brewery light Åbro Original3.51ep
SwedenAB Åbro Brewery Light 18:563.51ep
AB Åbro Brewery light Småland5.2441
AB Åbro Brewery light Andersson Beer5.2447
AB InBevStella Artois4.8%1Negative
Ambar Especial15 (negative)
Amstel10 (negative)
Dublin IrelandArthur Guinness Son & Co. dark Guinness Draft3.5448
Dublin IrelandArthur Guinness Son & Co. dark Guinness Extra Stout5562
Asahi Dry Zero10 (negative)
Asahi Super Dry11 (positive)5 (negative)
AshaiPilsner Urquell4.4%4Positive
Atlas Premium220 (negative)
Augustiner Edelstoff15 (negative)
Augustiner Helles15 (negative)
AyingerCelebrator Doppelbock6.7%1Negative
Balboa Ice220 (negative)
Balboa Premium220 (negative)
Bass Brewers LtdBass Ale5.1%5High Positive
Bavaria15 (negative)
Beck’s10 (negative)5 (negative)
Bintang420 (positive)
Bitburger15 (negative)
Bohemia Pilser220 (negative)
Brand Pilsener15 (negative)
Brau Union Österreich AG light Zipfer2.8423
Breakside BrewingRainbows & Unicorns IPA5.1%1Negative
Brooklyn Lager10 (negative)
Bud Light15 (negative)
Budweiser Czech Original15 (negative)
Budweiser US15 (negative)
Busch15 (negative)
Cantillon Gueuze35 (positive)
DenmarkCarlsberg light Carlsberg Beer2.8115
DenmarkCarlsberg light-Saxon gluten4.11ep
Carlsberg220 (negative) 5 (negative)
DenmarkCarlsberg Dark Carnegie Porter3.5220
DenmarkCarlsberg light Carlsberg Beer3.5221
Carta Blanca220 (negative)
MexicoCerveceria Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma light Sun4.51ep
MexicoCerveceria Modelo Light Corona Extra4.61ep
Coopers Birell Ultra Light220 (negative)
Coopers Clear220 (negative)
Coopers Lager220 (negative)
Coopers Pale Ale420 (positive)
Coors Light15 (negative)
Corona10 (negative)
DAB Export220 (negative)
DeschutesBlack Butte Porter5.2%1Negative
DeschutesMirror Pond Pale Ale5.0%1Negative
DogfishHead60 Minute IPA6.0%1Negative
Dorada10 (negative)
Duvel15 (negative)
GermanyErdinger Weissbräu light Erdinger Weissbier5.361188
GermanyErdinger Weissbräu Dark Erdinger Weissbier obscure5.661224
Eriksberg dark Christmas beer5.6433
Erzquell Pils10 (negative)
Estrella Daura45/6 (positive)
SwedenFalcon Breweries between Falcon Ale3.5422
SwedenFalcon Breweries light Falcon Extra brew3.5424
SwedenFalcon Breweries light-Falcon2.8428
SwedenFalcon Breweries between Bavarian Falcon5.2555
SwedenFalcon Breweries light Falcon Pilz3.5567
Falken Falkenberg Dark Beer July3.5449
Fort GeorgeThe Optimist IPA6.2%1Negative
Fort George BrewingBlack is Beautiful- Imperial Coffee Stout10%4Positive
Foster’s15 (negative)
Gambrinus48/9 (positive)
Gigantic BrewingBlack is Beautiful- Imperial Stout8.7%4Positive
Grolsch220 (negative)
Grolsch Kanon220 (negative)
HollandGrolsche Bierbrowerij light Grolsch Premium Stock3.5115
Guinness43/4 (positive)
GuinnessGuinness Draught 4.3%1Negative
DenmarkHarboes Brewery Light The Cheerful Dane2.2425
DenmarkHarboes Brewery light Dansk Pilsner premium beer3.5434
DenmarkHarboes Brewery light Dansk Pilsner premium beer2.8442
Harboes Brewery AB Denmark lighting Christmas beer3.5431
Harboes Brewery AB Denmark light Bjørne brewer7.3449
Tornio FinlandHartwall PLC light Lapin Kulta3.51ep
Tornio FinlandHartwall PLC light Lapin Kulta Premium stock5.21ep
Heinecken Brouwerijen Holland Heineken Light 3.5445
Heineken240 (negative) 20 (negative) 5 (positive)
Herforder Pils10 (negative)
GermanyHofbräu light Hofbräu October-fest bier6.3426
Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier35 (positive)
Hofbräu Sommerzwickl21/2 (positive)
Hollandia Premium220 (negative)
Inbev UK Limited dark Murphys Irish Strout3.5443
Jack’s Abby House Lager420 (positive)
James Boag’s Premium Lager420 (positive)
Jämtland Brewery Ltd dark Christmas beer6.51ep
Karhu 5,310 (negative)
Kingfisher Premium15 (negative)
Kirin Hard Cidre10 (negative)
Kirin Heartland11 (positive)5 (negative)
Kirin Ichiban Shibori43/4 (positive)
Kirin Nodogoshi Nama10 (negative)
Kona Brewing CoLongboard Island Lager4.6%1Negative
Kona Brewing CoBig Wave Golden Ale4.4%1Negative
Kona Brewing CoFire Rock Pale Ale5.8%1Negative
Kona Brewing CoKanaha Blonde Ale4.2%1Negative
Kona Brewing CoCastaway IPA6.0%4Positive
Kopparberg Brewery light Fagerhult Exports III5.3593
Kra'sne'Březno dark Zlatopramen4.8447
Krombacher Hell15 (negative)
Krombacher Pils15 (negative)
FranceKronenbourg Strasbourg light Kronenbourg 16645597
Krönleins Brewery AB Halmstad dark Christmas beer exports5.3433
La Chouffe Blonde15 (negative)
Lapin Kulta10 (negative)
Little Beast BrewingBlack is Beautiful- Cookies & Cream Imperial Stout 10.0%1Negative
Little Beast BrewingSparkle Horn Sour Ale7.0%4Positive
Lobethal Bohemian Philsner220 (negative)
Lost & Grounded Keller Pils35 (positive)
GermanyLöwenbräu light Lowenbrau October-fest bier6.1221
Löwenbräu Oktoberfestbier35 (positive)
Löwenbräu Original420 (positive) 5 (positive)
Mariestad Brewery Ltd between Julebrygd3.5560
Mariestad Brewery Ltd [Spendrups] light Mariestads3.51ep
Mariestad Brewery Ltd [Spendrups] light Mariestads2.8440
Michelob Ultra21 (positive)
Miller High Life15 (negative)
Miller Lite10 (negative)
Modelo Especial15 (negative)
Moosehead44/5 (positive)
Mythos10 (negative)
New BelgiumVooDoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin Ale6.4%1Negative
New BelgiumFat Tire Ale5.2%1Negative
New BelgiumBelgian White Ale5.2%4Positive
Newcastle Brown Ale35 (positive)
North Coast Brewing Co.Old Rasputin Imperial Russian Stout9.0%1Negative
Pabst Blue Ribbon11/2 (positive)5 (negative)
Pale 3115 (negative)
Panama Lager420 (positive)
Paulaner Weissbier420 (positive)
Pelican BrewingBad Santa7.5%1negative
Perlenbacher Pils43 (positive)
Petoskey Sparkle44 (positive)
Pilsner Urquell10 (negative)
Pirate Life Pilsner220 (negative)
Czech republicPivovar Nova Paka light BrouCzech2.81ep
Pivovary Staropramen light Staropramen3.5221
SwedenPripps light Pripps Light beer2.2117
SwedenPripps light Pripps Blue Pure3.5428
SwedenPripps Pripps Blue Light Special Stock3.5432
Pripps (Carlsberg) dark Christmas beer5433
Pripps (Carlsberg) light Pripps Blue5.2566
Quilmes15 (negative)
Radeberger10 (negative)
Rothaus Pils10 (negative)
Samuel Adams Boston Lager10 (negative)
San Miguel35 (positive)
San Miguel Light10 (negative)
Sapporo Black Label42/3 (positive)
Save the Day IPA220
Shepherd Neame Whitstable Kent between Bishops Finger3.51ep
Sierra NevadaSidecar IPA6.8%1Negative
Sierra NevadaNarwhal Imperial Stout10.2%1Negative
ThailandSingha Corp Light Singha Premium stock beer5117
Smithwick's & SonsSmithwick's Red Ale4.5%1Negative
Snow10 (negative)
Soberana420 (positive)
Source Castle Brewery Uppsala dark Christmas beer3.5423
Source Castle Brewery Ltd from Vienna3.51ep
Source Castle Brewery Ltd dark Imperial Stout9550
Source Castle Brewery Ltd Light White Weissbier3.5567
Spaten Oktoberfestbier43 (positive)
Spendrups Brewery Ltd dark Gammeldags Moderate Drinking21ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Spendrups Premium Gold3.51ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd dark Norrland July5.31ep
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Norrland Gold2.8221
Spendrups Brewery Ltd dark Christmas beer5.2424
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Spendrup Bright Brew3.5428
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Spendrups Premium Stock2.1431
Spendrups Brewery Ltd dark julbock7434
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Norrland Gold3.5435
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Spendrups Premium Gold5.9435
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Norrland Gold5.3438
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Mariestads Exports5.3445
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Odin Pilsner3.5446
Spendrups Brewery Ltd light Spendrups Premium Stock5553
UKSt Peters Brewery * Light St. Petersburg G-free (gluten-free)4.21ep
Starobrno Brewery Czech light Starobrno Premium Stock3.5221
Steinlager Pure220 (negative)
Stella Artois10 (negative)
Stiegl Goldbräu35 (positive)
Stockade Duel Hoppy220 (negative)
Stone BreweryStone IPA6.9%1Negative
Stormbreaker BrewingWinter Coat7.5%4Positive
Tiger15 (negative)
Timisoreana10 (negative)
Trap Door BrewingBlack is Beautiful- Oatmeal Cookie Stout10.5%4Positive
Tsingtao46 (positive)
Tuborg Christmasbeer15 (negative)
DenmarkTuborg Copenhagen light Tuborg Beer Premium Gold3.5428
Tuborg Pilsener42 (positive)
Tyskie15 (negative)
Vale Lager220 (negative)
Warsteiner10 (negative)5 (negative)
Weihenstephaner Helles35 (positive)
SollefteåZeunerts AB dark Christmas beer5.1437
Zillertal Märzen10 (negative)